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Frustrating month ending on good note

March is ending on a good note, as warmer and sunny weather likely will prevail this last day of the month. Wind will continue to be an issue and yet another cold front is on its way.

We often have said that March is a month that tests the patience of anglers. Just about all scenarios of weather occur this month, and now we can look forward to the arrival of April.

Not much has been taking place on the fishing scene the last couple of days, and, while more stable weather will be with us for a short time, the outlook continues as it has been all month.

Protected waters are going to be the spots for catching fish. The good news is that wade fishing for trout is picking up, with protected shorelines of both East and West Bays beginning to produce some nice trout.

There have not been any reports of trophy-sized trout being caught; however, this is one of the best times of the year to find that “wall-hanger” roaming the shallows, especially during the late afternoon


With the water temperatures now in the mid-70s, morning action should improve for the trophy hunters. One reason the late afternoon fishing tends to be preferred is that the water is normally at the warmest point during the day. When water temperatures are in the mid- to upper-60s, the warmer afternoon waters tend to attract the most bait followed by the predator fish.

For crabbers, this could be an excellent time to test your favorite spots, as an increasing number of good crabbing reports are being received.

As a reminder, Saturday is the West End Fishing Club’s Annual Blackjack Tournament, Fundraiser and Crawfish Boil. The entry fee is $80 and for more information call 713-594-4252.

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